B.o.B Article in NYT, started with the Taylor part for relevance, but posting the full thing just because I’m amazed at this dude’s variety of tastes in music shown in just a portion of an interview. I also heard he wants to do a rock album lol. I’d check it out, “So Hard to Breathe” and “Never let you go” off his new album were pretty good tastes of that alternative style. 

[…]I’m a fan of all these genres of music, everything from Mumford & Sons to Beach Boys to doo-wop music to reggae. 

NYT: You’ve also collaborated with Taylor Swift. Do you listen to a lot of country?

B.o.B: A little bit here and there. I’m a huge John Mayer fan. He kind of has a country twang to it, that’ll be the cloest to country. I consdier “Who Says” to be kind of country

NYT: What do you listen to at home?

B.o.B: Trey Songz and J. Cole - I check that type of stuff, it’s an islandy type of vibe. I think Gotye is really dope. The music that I enjoy listening to isn’t as intense as my music is.

NYT: Who do you think has a really killer live show?

B.o.B: Oh, Coldplay. I love Coldplay. The lights, and the sound quality. They really play their instruments. Sometimes, during the show, they’ll make a mistake and stop. I think they do it intentionally just to show you they’re really playing it live.

NYT: Did you learn anything from the group?

B.o.B: Yes, I actually learned about how to really connect with the crowd, with the music, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be so much of direct talk. They’re really sensitive to the subtle energy of performing, they taught me a lot about the sonic energy of performing and really tuning is to what you’re doing. The song they did called “Paradise”- I got jealous. I was like, ah, why didn’t I think of that?

NYT: What do you listen to to get amped to go on-stage?

B.o.B: Right now I probably listen to My Chemical Romance. My taste is really broad. I listed to a lot of different hip-hop artists, like Waka (Flocka Flame) stuff, it gets me amped in the same way as a Foo Fighter song will, the Pretenders.

NYT: What did you grow up listening to?

B.o.B: I grew up listening to angry artists, a lot of intense stuff like DMX, Eminem.

NYT: But do you like all this chill muisc now, and you seem like a chill guy.

B.o.B: Sometimes, I can go into beast mode, you don’t want to know that, I can be your best friend or your worst enemy. But most of the time I’m you’re best friend.

NYT: Are there any musical genres you don’t think should be combined?

B.o.B: I don’t think you can mix classical music and reggae. It’s not possible. But some producer in, like, Norway is going to put it together.

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Another piece of evidence backing up why Dave Grohl is the fuckin’ man. Just an incredibly intelligent statement on music as a whole, and i couldnt agree more. Definitely worth the read for any musicians or any type of artist

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Current GRAMMY nominees Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson, Foo Fighters, Bruno Mars, Nicki Minaj, and Taylor Swift are the first performers announced for the 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards telecast. Aldean and Minaj will perform on the GRAMMY telecast for the first time, while Clarkson, Foo Fighters, Mars, and Swift are returning to the GRAMMY stage. Additional performers, presenters and special segments will be announced soon. (…) Aldean and Swift are up for three awards each. Aldean has nominations for Best Country Solo Performance for “Dirt Road Anthem,” Best Country Duo/Group Performance for “Don’t You Wanna Stay” (with Kelly Clarkson), and Best Country Album for My Kinda Party. Four-time GRAMMY winner Swift has nods for Best Country Solo Performance and Best Country Song for “Mean,” and Best Country Album for Speak Now.

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Taylor Swift and Foo Fighters, woo!

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Foo Fighter’s Wasting Light is nominated for Album of the Year!


Made in his garage on tape, no computers, all self-written. How the hell can’t they win? They are real musicians.

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Grammys nominations were kind of crap, but they got it right with the Foo Fighters. They deserve to take it all. Screw the rest, (Rihanna, wtf? Lady Gaga? lol)

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AMAs are a joke

Where the hell is the Foo Figthers on the Best Rock Group and Best Rock Album, which they should win by a milestone. Really, wtf. Most of these bands on here aren’t even Rock, why are they on Rock? What a crap show. 

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All this talk about music videos, dressing up as a flight attendant, just has me thinking of this greatness

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TAYLOR: ♫The best of times are when i’m alone with you…

DAVE (thinking): Oh crap. He’s getting nice and true and real again. Can’t handle real emotions. Quick, do something.


Omg do you have this full video? Part 1 and 2 are on youtube but the best part, the karaoke was removed by Viacom. >.<

[edit] Sorry to my followers who may have mistaken Taylor for Taylor Swift lol I just really need this video. 

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Lol fkkn Dave Grohl falls like a pro!

Amazing show <33

What a ninja haha does it in style

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Love all these peeps.

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Love this song

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