Anonymous said: What happened to taylor being on the voice??

She’s gonna be on it, Blake talked about filming with her.

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  Anonymous said: Are both photo shoots for the same thing? I'm just wondering because what could pictures of her with food/her with balloons/her shoes possibly be advertising?

Yeah I would think so. Her Speak Now Target commercials had multiple setups too. Maybe some type of NYC theme to it this time.

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  Anonymous said: what's the story behind 'wonderfuck?' lol

Fans making a condom brand. here and here 😁 

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  Anonymous said: Do you think 1989 will have a song that's on par with All Too Well?

Yeah (even though that’s completely subjective opinion)

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  Anonymous said: why do u think they were taking photos of her inside the bakery. like photos of her eating??

Target is going to go all instagram on us with pictures of her food.

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  Anonymous said: I've noticed she doesn't play her instruments much anymore. She barely did for RED, it gave her a different touch than all the other poppy singers

Opening of Sparks Fly slayed on tour. Dat 12 string. Performances of ‘Red’ were great:

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  Anonymous said: (Please answer this I'm not joking I want to know) There is a picture in a performance (red tour I think) that Taylor is showing her middle finger (fuck u sign)! Is it true or fake ? If it's true do you know why she did that ? She is not that kind of girl! (This pic is famous in the social media) Thanks.

idk what pic in particular you are talking about, but if it’s the treacherous one it’s fake lol.  I’m sure there are real pics too but be aware though that pics are a very split second, just like a framegrab from a video. I bet you could get a middle finger photo quite a bit just randomly going frame by frame in a video of her playing guitar or doing anything really, you can be completely unaware when it happens. So real or fake, I can say she most likely wasn’t intentionally flipping off anyone. :P

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  Anonymous said: Hi, Can you please tell me what is that Becky story ? HUGE thanks. :)

Origin of Becky was from this post which someone screenshotted and Taylor liked! :p It was random and since then it’s just been a running gag

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  Anonymous said: Is bad blood released yet?

Nope, unless it becomes a promo single… which seems possible, you’ll have to wait until the album is out. 

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  Anonymous said: sorry but where is source video of this? post/97456880538 thanks!!!!!!

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  Anonymous said: How do you tag someone? Do you just put @ and their username?

Yup :)

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  Anonymous said: Nick, personally what kind of sound/genre do you want Taylor to do? Give examples of what kind of sound like from other artists past and present.

I’d like to see a more rock/alternative vibe and her playing guitar more. One of the obvious styles she could go for would be something like Paramore, but there is so many different sounding music on alternative radio there is a lot to explore there. I don’t really know, I like to see her experiment, which is why I hope this album or the next has some crazy different stuff. 

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  Anonymous said: Is Taylor following you?

No but she liked my gif so I can die happy!! :D


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  Anonymous said: oh lol no. When she introduced Keith and John haha. Sorry I should've clarified. :)

Ah! Here it is -

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  Anonymous said: When do you think Taylor will come to aus? In the next few weeks, before or after the album do you think??

Pretty sure she’ll be on X-Factor Australia on the 21st, we’ll find out on Sunday. (ps: see latest post too, a Australian radio station tweeted something likely related)

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