Anonymous said: Hey do you remember when that fan met taylor in london I think it was maybe, and she gave the fan three songs she was listening to at the moment? I know one of them was renegade by paramore and she said Hayley's voice sounded amazing on it?

I do not recall

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  Anonymous said: They say there is a giant birdcage in Taylor's Nashville apartment. Why there is something like that?

Taylor hangs upside down in it and sleeps. You don’t want to know what happens when there is a full moon

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  Anonymous said: I can't find the video of the VMAs red carpet where the interviewer speaks with lyrics from Shake It Off and people have to guess what song is it, do you have it? I searched everywhere!

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  Anonymous said: What do you mean not wendy too?

Wendy Williams Slams Taylor Swift Racism

"What was Taylor Swift thinking when she was making her video for her new song, "Shake It Off"?

"At 24, she should know better!

"Twerking with African-American girls while dressed in urban attire…As a black woman I am offended.

"That’s precisely why celebrities have ‘teams’—to step in and make sure they don’t make dumb decisions!

"I hope all the flack she gets for this is one big lessoned learned."

No doubt, the criticism will shatter Swift’s sells in the urban community.”

- (x)

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  Anonymous said: so the show starts at 7:15 Las Vegas loc time? what is that like 9:15 ET right?

10:15 ET

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  Anonymous said: Nick call in sick. Your words: "YOLO." ;)

ha can’t do that again. Actually going by ticketmaster, the show doesn’t even start until 7:15pm their time so I’ll definitely be home by then, I’ll record it. 

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  Anonymous said: will the livestream be professional videos of the iheartradio? can you record it? I just don't wanna have to wait another week to see it. :/ I hate fan videos.

edit: Yeah it’s professional video, and I should be able to since the show doesn’t even start until 7:15pm their time I’ll be home to record. 

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  Anonymous said: is heart being televised? if so what american network is it on?

It’s broadcasted live online in video and audio form (as well as on iHeartRadio stations). It’s not televised live but they show some of the performances later (maybe a couple weeks later) on The CW. 

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  Anonymous said: When is iheart radio?

September 19th

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  Anonymous said: i miss seeing taylor ugh i hope she goes back to nyc soon

Well she performs at the German Radio Awards on Thursday.

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  Anonymous said: is the last time music video really filmed by terry richardson?

he directed it yeah 

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  Anonymous said: Um... this looks/sounds really familiar. Except Sara did it first. Even the skyline backdrops. Awkward. youtube. com/ watch?v=onu-WdfW-S0

Sounds similar to what? Just the fact she went to new york to be inspired? Cause the music doesn’t sound at all like Taylor’s and idk what skyline backdrops you are talking about. 

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  Anonymous said: She'll work with all 4 coaches this time and all the artist left at that point. when chris martin served as one he was there for like 2 or 3 episodes i think. it's definitely a bigger role than last time.

Awesome thanks

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  Anonymous said: Is Taylor's hair naturally curly or straight? I feel like her hair is actually straight and she just curled it to fit into the big country hair styles.

Yeah it’s curly and you can see that in childhood videos and stuff. She did used to curl it though too, it wasn’t just naturally perfectly shaped curls when you saw her performing and at award shows and stuff :P I think this is kind of like her natural look during a day after the beach.

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  Anonymous said: Do you think its worth it to pre-order the 1989 merch package from her website, or would it be better just to buy the deluxe cd at Target on the release date?

Target Deluxe on release date = $13.99. Merch package is a rip off, it’s literally just the standard CD with your choice of an overpriced shirt totaling from $39.99-$59.99 depending on which shirt you pick.

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