Anonymous said: Why does your anon mean by the left margin frame? Your blog seems fine to me.

I think cause on like a tablet or touch screen computer if you pinch and zoom in on my main page the left frame gets in the way of the actual posts. I got rid of the background image so it’s a little better now but yeah I think that’s what they were talking about.

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  Anonymous said: What's with the OnAirwithRyanSeacrest thing?

Not sure what you mean in particular but it looks like there is some 10 year anniversary best moments special today on E!.

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  Anonymous said: Hey, Selena actually didn't unfollow Taylor on Instagram bc they both never followed each other on IG in the first place. :)

Ahh if that’s the case shame on me for believing the media. I know Taylor wasn’t, but a bunch of sites are saying Selena unfollowed Taylor on instagram? :S (which I should also say for everyone: Selena unfollowed everyone she was following, not just Taylor if she even was following her) I can’t verify she was now but aight. They still got each other followed on twitter.

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  Anonymous said: Nick, just curious. When you were talking about people talking shit about Taylor, were you talking about people at your work or somewhere else?

Yeah coworkers at work. They were talkin crap briefly and I was just like “ehh the media makes up so much stuff though”, and they just kinda continued the conversation and ignored that. I didn’t want to seem obsessive about it so I just let it go. 

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  Anonymous said: Oh I thought she was just is Rhode Island but who knows! :P

Someone said she was there later last week but idk that pic looks somewhere more tropical to me. Plus around her RI place it’s all rocky and stuff. Maybe somewhere in California. 

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  Anonymous said: HI! Do you have the full version of ellen interviewing taylor at staples center? The one with extras and behind the scenes, like when they're drinking a coffee and adding extra sweets to that.

Looks like this was it, but it was taken down. I don’t think I saved it anywhere :( Not on Ellen’s YouTube either.

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  Anonymous said: whats TIFF

Toronto International Film Festival

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  Anonymous said: can you find the link to the video of the behind the scenes of what actually happened to kanye west incident? about half of her performance being pre-recorded

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  Anonymous said: Taylor is nominated. She is up for best country song of the year (highway don't care) and best fan army.

I didn’t count the fan army thing because it’s an award for fans, or “swifties” as they say. I didn’t see highway don’t care but I quickly breezed by. Still don’t think a nomination for a feature is enough to convince her to go, but who knows, if they are serious about this show (being their debut of the award show on TV) they will try and get all the big celebs in. 

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  Anonymous said: Did taylor write/co write breathe ?

Yeah cowrote with Colbie Caillat

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  Anonymous said: who is brian mansfield?


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  Anonymous said: according to your opinion whom would you choose taylor or rosie-h-w


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  Anonymous said: Did u see that Ingrid Michaelson delete the tweet where she says that will work in a song for Taylor?

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  Anonymous said: Okay so at some places or other countries, when you say you have an apartment means you 'rent' one. You can't 'buy' an apartment unless you buy the whole apartment building. On the other hand, you can 'buy' and 'own' a condominium unit. So if Taylor 'bought' an apartment that cost that much I assumed she now 'owned' it and actually entitled to equity?

Yeah that’s true. She bought it off Peter Jackson apparently so it sounds like she completely bought the place. ’m not sure of the specifics of the sale or the place she bought though.

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Luckily got one totally legit one just for you. 

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