Anonymous said: I saw somewhere on Instagram the people from Taylor Connect have been chosen to meet Taylor Aug/13. Maybe album stuff?

If someone isn’t BSing around, then I’d assume so. Another live chat reveal with fans present.

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  Anonymous said: To the one anon: there are a lot of regular people who go to gyms that get changed out of street clothes into their workout clothes at the gym, shower after their workout, and change back into street clothes. It's not that weird lol it's not a rule that you have to walk around town in your "look at me, I just finished a workout" outfit.

this is also true

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  Anonymous said: what did joan rivers even say about taylor that was unprintable? did like nobody read the book?

Guess not, nobody cares what she has to say. :)

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  Anonymous said: Why can't taylor swift go to the gym dressed in gym clothes like a normal person? And please don't say "well she's a celebrity with paparazzi" because there are PLENTY of celebs who know there will be paparazzi when they go to the gym, but decide to dress normally regardless (including karlie kloss). It just perpetuates this ideal of unattainable perfection and it's pretty annoying, to be frank. So yeah, I was just wondering why you think she feels the need to alwaysss look perfect?

because she wants to

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  Anonymous said: Do you think the album has something to do with butterflies?

no, I think she just found something cool and shared it. 

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  Anonymous said: Did you just link your own video? ;)

yes, no shame. everyone is reblogging this post again and it brings great memories so I celebrated by making that gif lol.

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  Anonymous said: i think i saw a photo of Taylor doing the shush sign some time ago. can you help me find it please?

Could’ve been a still from 2:45 here -

or 2:10 from this vid:

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  Anonymous said: What date two years ago did she announce the webcast date.

August 7th, and she hinted at it in early July on her facebook too iirc.

announcement video:

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  Anonymous said: I'm trying to find a picture of Taylor, maybe you could ask your followers, she's sitting backstage, at like a dressing table, and there's like polaroids hanging on her mirror. Can you/followers dig it up?

I’m drawing a blank. I’ll try and think of it, we’ll see if anyone else knows and has it 

edit: see comments

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  Anonymous said: i wonder if taylor knows the urban dictionary term for funjury omg

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  Anonymous said: is there still no idea as to what lorde and taylor were doing in the park when they were supposedly being filmed?


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  Anonymous said: can you distinguish what taylor's listening to when she's wearing the white shirt and white shorts

Hold on I sent it to my friends in the CSI  will be back soon. 

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  Anonymous said: It would take sense for album info to be announced around when the giver is released, it's around the right time and if the movie is big, which I imagine it will be, she'll be hot in the media so it would make sense for increased hype and stuff

Yeah it’ll probably be announced in August in any case. She’ll be able to promote both at the same time, makes sense.

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  Anonymous said: What is your eye prescription

heh I don’t even know. I haven’t worn my glasses in years (if they even still work, my eyes probably are worse) and really want contacts.

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  Anonymous said: do you know how old taylor was when she wrote dark blue tennessee?

I wouldn’t know, maybe like 14? *shrug*

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