Taylor backstage at the Radio 1 Teen Awards. Holding shirt in first pic with Ne-Yo and then wearing it in 2nd backstage pic with Harry Styles.

so, exactly what does the shirt mean? She was probably on her way to getting changed and then did.

Pointless Tumblr post.

Not pointless, and well no crap, that was my point. The point was to verify it was taken at that event so people didn’t get confused it was a recent pic.

edit: lol and one direction fans saying no it’s not, yes it is. That was what the source from the Sun said they took it at, the BBC Radio 1 Teen Award s. I just checked to verify it was actually from the Teen Awards. Holy shit people and their tin foil hats. And they were both there so it makes sense, where else would the pic be from? Damn it’s just 2 people standing next to each other chill

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