Taylor Swift - #taylorswift — HAS SHE LOST HER MIND!?! #taylorswift

smh. Really TMZ? That’s not that many guys, and she is the one who broke it off with Taylor Lautner. Sounds like she ended the Jake G. relationship now since he tried gettinb back with her (hence WANEGBT). And Dear John “I stopped picking up, and this song is to let you know why”. So…

Oh and as for that last part, she could make a lot of money on that house actually, so it’s a good investment even if it doesn’t work out.

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    `that man he can s*ck his d*ck.. -_________-
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    Everyone knows Taylor’s Name but not yours buddy… so get over how awesome and ballsy she is to write this kind of music…...
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    You all can calm the fuck down and stop calling this guy names, you’re all butt hurt 12 year old souled fucks. Like...
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    omfg TMZ y’all need to understand nobody gives a shit about your fucking redundant website and your fucking shit...
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    the funniest part is that half of this stuff isn’t even true “Taylor Lautner broke up with her” “Teardrops on my guitar...
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    EXCUSE YOU. Insulting Taylor was already STRIKE 300, not getting your shit straight was STRIKE 540 AND YOU JUST HAD TO...
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    Whatever Harvey!!! You don’t know anything about her. A big round of applause to the girl who supported Taylor.
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    people really read into her wrong i tell you what. i love the girl sticking up for her though, it’s great. “They’re...
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    ahahahahah I love the girl who is supporting Taylor!!!! TMZ CAN SUCK IT!!! “yah don’t be a jerk Joe JOnas” .
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