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Taylor Swift's "Becoming More of a Product" as a Pop Music Singer, Says Brad Paisley


When Taylor Swift released her “Shake It Off” single and music video earlier this month, it was it official: The former country singer has made the switch to full-blown pop star!

So what do her Nashville contemporaries think about this crossover? Brad Paisley finds it “admirable,” he told E! News…

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  Anonymous said: Have you met taylor?


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Some really smart radio people and me on Taylor Swift's roof in NYC (x)

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My uncle right now is at taylor swifts apartment in manhaten. (x)

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Taylor Swift’s new video is problematic and it is okay to feel that way and still be a fan of hers. You don’t need to defend her on this one just because you’ve campaigned for her in the past. Really really sick of articles and internet commenters justifying her racism by saying the video was cute or that twerking “isn’t exclusively a black thing” (it is) or that the dancers in that particular scene were also accompanied by a few “trashy” (???) white women or that the directors threw in some black ballerinas to make the whole thing nice and PC.

The trend of white pop artists using black women’s bodies as jokes and props is not cute and this video is not an exception and I say this as an avid Tswift fan and defender.

I guess I’m not done with tumblr because where else am I going to FUME about the fact that people casually equate real racism to just ~not being able to take a joke~ and don’t acknowledge how systematic and pervasive and harmful it is in American society and especially in the media.

Tswift I love you but no.

They weren’t used as a joke or props. They were dancers. She was trying to dance in the video and the video was showing how she can’t do any of these various forms of dancing throughout the video but is having fun anyway not caring how she looks. It’s not racist and it’s not making fun of people. I don’t understand the props thing one bit because yes there are white people there too are they not props as well? Whatever you define that as like demeaning, no they are roles in the video dancing because they are professionals showcasing art and Taylor is the one making a fool out of herself.

People like you throw around these words like you know what you are talking about but you can’t even do basic comprehension of the video.

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Blake Shelton talking about Taylor

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Taylor changed her twitter icon, again

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VMA Red Carpet- See which celeb would want to sit by Taylor Swift and how they “shake it off”

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  Anonymous said: hi i was wondering which performance that gif of taylor swift, jordan sparks, and lorde singing and dancing was from?

During Beyonce’s performance, idk what particular song she was singing there.

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  Anonymous said: Do you have a link to the behind the scenes of shake it off??

Part 1:, I guess it’s going to be weekly or something idk we’ll see whenever part 2 comes out.

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  Anonymous said: www(.)celebtricity(.)com/taylor-swift-on-blue-ivy-shes-cute-for-a-black-baby/ is this true??

lol of course not. And it’s not needed but for further proof just go to their ‘about us’ page - “ is a combination of real shocking news and satire news to keep its visitors in a state of disbelief.’

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taeok: #tbt & because I miss you @taylorswift (x)

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