I live for these moments.

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Bonus Track

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Hey, Taylor: the feeling is mutual. <3


taylorswift come to buzzfeed

petition to get taylorswift to come to our NYC office

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Taylor Swift is back in a big way with her upcoming album 1989 and we couldn’t help but celebrate with her. Next Monday October 27, Much will be your destination for a brand new special featuring an exclusive interview with T-Swift herself, Much Presents: Taylor Swift at 6:30E/3:30P. Taylor blew in and out of the Much studios like a crisp fall breeze, smelling of freshly baked cookies and emanating the sweetness of a new kitten. And she is also as cool as heck.

Our Liz Trinnear sat down with the megastar to talk about her major entrance in to the pop world and of course her huge first single, “Shake It Off.” You know, that song that got you jumping out of bed this morning.

“I started to get inspired by the moments when I would be at awards shows and I would be up dancing enjoying some incredible performance then I’d look around and I’d realize that I was the only one standing up and dancing,” Taylor told us. “And I just would feel a little bit like, I’m just going to shake off the fact that like I’m dancing and no one else is.”

Taylor isn’t a stranger to public criticism but she used that scrutiny to fuel her song writing, especially when working on “Shake It Off.”

“I needed a coping mechanism for dealing with people gossiping, criticizing other people constantly and I’ve gotten a lot of comments from my fans and I knew they were going through it too and I wanted to give them a song that would not be victimized,” she said. “It wouldn’t be like poor me I’m being bullied. It would be like, you know what, people are hating on me for being myself I’m going to be myself more.”

As for the video that is probably responsible for the most spontaneous dance parties, Taylor revealed that a lot of rehearsing went in to her goofy dance moves. “It was a three day video shoot. We had all these incredible professional dancers all rehearsing and I was rehearsing with them. But, you know, they were rehearsing actual choreography and I was just rehearsing looking like just a complete fool,” Taylor said.

You can see this and so much more very very soon. Tune in to Much for the full Much Presents: Taylor Swift on Monday October 27 at 6:30E/3:30P.


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Much Presents: Taylor Swift (Preview)

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 ·"I’ve never experienced anything like this before in my life in an interview." - Monday. 6:30E/3:30P.
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Taylor Swift goes No. 1 on iTunes Canada with 8 seconds of static: LISTEN.


If there’s ever been any question about the power of Taylor Swift’s name to move records, this should dispel it. Some sort of glitch in the Canadian version of iTunes Tuesday morning led to the release of what was ostensibly a new track from her album. The record, for now titled only “Track 3,” is nothing more than 8 seconds of static, but that didn’t stop fans from taking it straight to No. 1.

As of this morning the 8 seconds of white noise—which we should have embedded for your pleasure shortly—remains at No. 1, where it sits just ahead, of course, two other songs from Taylor Swift.

this is important. this is the most important thing to happen to pop music in decades.

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lol what       


Sydney Airport (x)

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Taylor Swift’s 1989 Secret Session with iHeartRadio

Taylor Swift’s got something up her sleeve. Her brand new album, 1989, drops on October 27th, and she’s planning something very special for that day.

We can’t tell you what’s happening, but we CAN say that you definitely don’t want to miss it!

Join Taylor Swift for her 1989 Secret Session with iHeartRadio on October 27th at 7:30pm ET, where all will be revealed. You’ll be able to watch it all go down on Yahoo! Live and hear it on iHeartRadio stations across the country. Have some ideas about what’s going to happen? Tweet your best guesses using #iHeartTaylor.

More details to come!


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How Taylor Swift deals with bad press

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