@MarioLopezExtra: Always fun running into the beautiful & talented @TaylorSwift13 ! Love her.. Such a class act #ShakeItOff http://t.co/zR5PUGbLNe

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  Anonymous said: Do you know when Taylor is perfoming on the xfactor uk?:)

Sometime in October, dunno when.

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  Anonymous said: Do you have the pic of taylor with her dancers getting out of the dance studio at LA

These? http://tswiftdaily.com/post/67800576579

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  Anonymous said: no i think she'll prob still sing ybwm and love story but idk about mean because of the agency and i feel like she might still do the b stage too, just because her new album is pop doesn't mean she cant sing non pop songs for her tour yanno

Yeah B-stage might be where goes acoustic on some of those type of older songs.

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  Anonymous said: I wore the starlight version of Taylor Swift at work the other night and this guy I've had a crush on for THREE YEARS told me I smelt "really fucking good"

aww yess good promo.

August 20th 2014, 1:01:00 pm · 34 minutes ago
She hasn’t put out a perfume in a while, I can see why it would seem like they’re “bombing” but that’s not a big deal
That too. I remain unbothered.
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  Anonymous said: Ok if all of the album art are polaroids, do you have an idea what are those pics that are taken on what looks like a rooftop with the skyline in the back? Like the one she used for the live stream promo and the others that look like that

Just a promotional photoshoot for it I guess.

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  Anonymous said: New York post is reporting that "no one wants to smell like Taylor swift" and that her perfumes are bombing :( are swifties not buying her perfume anymore or?????

Well I’m not lol but idk

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  Anonymous said: Nick another anon mentioned if that line could be about Harry and Kendall Jenner at the AMAs? And yeah, if that's what Katy was implying with that tweet, pretty vain and conceited of her. John and Taylor were in the same room at the 2013 Grammys since.

Yeah idk song doesn’t give any real specifics so it’s hard to imagine which she’s talking about.

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  Anonymous said: Hey! Just with regard to the Red Tour audios you reblogged, I was wondering if you could help me out with what the in ear audio means? =)

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How come the shake it off video doesn’t show up in search results on youtube/google? I can only find it by actually going to her VEVO page. 

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Here’s How I Ended Up Eating Pizza With Taylor Swift In Her Apartment Last Night


This is how I wish this story went–I’m hustling down the street in NYC headed to a big meeting when I spot a smoking hot blond who looks kinda familiar. Her beauty is stunning enough such that it stops me in my tracks. As she approaches, I realize the girl bears a striking resemblance to Taylor…

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