Just got out of Applebee’s and yup “Am I wrong” is playing just like on the way there lol

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I swear the radio is just an infinite loop of “Am I Wrong” and “Rude”

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  Anonymous said: if you don't live in America you can't buy the deluxe edition?

No you can buy it anywhere, in America it’s only at Target.

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  Anonymous said: So they won't have the deluxe edition of 1989 on iTunes???

Not in the US, only in international markets

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  Anonymous said: someone dead? post/8459107302

She was at the JFK memorial

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  Anonymous said: When do you think they'll have the deluxe version available for pre-buy?

It’s up at Target, Target exclusive (if you are in the States)

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E! Fashion Police discussing Taylor’s VMA style.
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Same shirt, same shoes.

Aha…I knew that shirt was familiar. Between this and the insider that gave me the details yesterday, I guess it’s confirmed. This insider said that the photo of her in front of Kanye wall was not for any photoshoot (it was just an ironic moment), and this person believes the photoshoot in that Brooklyn studio was not for Rolling Stone that day, but for an edition of Harper’s.
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kanye west        fav pic I want it signed       

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Taylor Swift       

  Anonymous said: To add more to anon about Katy. John recently unfollowed Katy on twitter.

Final nail in that coffin. 

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