Anonymous said: Other than Taylor was inspired your URL?

Nothing, I just had to think of something and randomly thought it up. Boring, I know.

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  Anonymous said: I don't wanna sound weird but if Taylor is gonna date someone that person is gonna be the one and only Karlie Elizabeth Kloss.

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  Anonymous said: Do you like Akon? Where's the clip of Taylor and Akon high fiving each other during a performance?

This? Billboard Awards performance, here’s quick YT link: I mean I don’t listen to his music but I don’t got problems with him… I mainly know Dynamite lol.

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  Anonymous said: Has she got extensions in the bts photo? Her hair looks longer

Yeah I’d assume so, people figured out based off her dress it’s from July 16th. I wonder if this means she wants to make it look more current when it’s released and that she’ll keep growing her hair out, or if it was just simply a look she was doing for the shoot and nothing more to it.

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@zogblog: Sorry Swifties, but that wasn’t me interviewing @taylorswift13 in NY. That said, I’ve always thought she’d be a great @Forbes cover story…

So I guess it is the Rolling Stone guy after all. I did see some candid captions say: “Taylor Swift walks with David Marchese, Deputy Editor of ‘Rolling Stone’ in Central Park.”.


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Taylor liked this picture of Eleanor on Instagram :)

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juan direction       

  Anonymous said: is the project cardinal thing true? i mean if it was a secret project you'd think they'll keep quiet right? :p

Idk if it’s true but it seems like it and people on tumblr have said they heard from trustworthy people it’s real. I’m sure there are people spreading fake rumors about the details relating to it though.

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  Anonymous said: Where did that person get that James and Taylor are dating?

Lol yeah no clue

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  Anonymous said: Have you ever gone to a Taylor concert and/or met her?

Went to the one in Chicago last year, never met her no.

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leaving karlie’s apartment - july 14th, 2014

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onslotcreativeBehind-the-scenes with the beautiful @taylorswift shooting promo for the upcoming @iheartradio Music Festival 2014. #Onslot #iHeartRadioMusicFestival #TaylorSwift #OnslotCreative #iHRMF (x)

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  Anonymous said: james mcvey and taylor are dating?


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  Anonymous said: whats taylor connect??


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  Anonymous said: She has apple earbuds. Those are amazing trust me.

Heh They were always garbage before >.> but after I said that someone said the new EarPods that come packed in are better. I never bothered opening mine but just tried then out and they definitely are better than before. Good good.

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