Well, Taylor (Swift) is a great partner from day 1. So, she’s very up and aware and smart about business. And those conversations it happened a lot in the early days. We have things on such a good track right now that there’s not very many business things that we have to address currently. But when a movie deal comes up or soundtrack or something outside of what we are doing on a daily basis come up. You know there’s tough decisions that have to be made. Every once in a while I have to be the bad label guy and sometimes to protect her. I’d much rather they take shots at us than her. But you have to protect that, it’s a great problem to have but everybody wants to sing with her, everybody wants her on their records. And occasionally I’m the one who has to stand up and say “I’m sorry we can’t do that because of our own strategies and plans that we have coming up”
—Scott Borchetta Q: There’s always this pressure between creative aspect and the business aspect of music. And I’m just wondering in Taylor’s situation at Big Machine does she help or contribute to making executive or business decisions as well as creative decisions? (2012) x (via thanksforsayingthat)
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  Anonymous said: is taylor performing at that german award show?


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  Anonymous said: Hey do you remember when that fan met taylor in london I think it was maybe, and she gave the fan three songs she was listening to at the moment? I know one of them was renegade by paramore and she said Hayley's voice sounded amazing on it?

I do not recall

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  Anonymous said: They say there is a giant birdcage in Taylor's Nashville apartment. Why there is something like that?

Taylor hangs upside down in it and sleeps. You don’t want to know what happens when there is a full moon

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  Anonymous said: I can't find the video of the VMAs red carpet where the interviewer speaks with lyrics from Shake It Off and people have to guess what song is it, do you have it? I searched everywhere!


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  Anonymous said: What do you mean not wendy too?

Wendy Williams Slams Taylor Swift Racism

"What was Taylor Swift thinking when she was making her video for her new song, "Shake It Off"?

"At 24, she should know better!

"Twerking with African-American girls while dressed in urban attire…As a black woman I am offended.

"That’s precisely why celebrities have ‘teams’—to step in and make sure they don’t make dumb decisions!

"I hope all the flack she gets for this is one big lessoned learned."

No doubt, the criticism will shatter Swift’s sells in the urban community.”

- (x)

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“One of the great joys about writings songs is that it enabled me to have the last word. Songs are my diaries, they always have been. You have to put your trust in everyone because putting down those real, personal details and thoughts that make a song authentic also opens you right up. I am constantly misunderstood; a lot of people just don’t get me.” 

where are these from????

They are outtakes from the 2010 ELLE magazine photoshoot.

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Shake It Off Worldwide Fan Music Video

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This song of Ed  is her favs !

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  Anonymous said: so the show starts at 7:15 Las Vegas loc time? what is that like 9:15 ET right?

10:15 ET

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Taylor swift        fans       

"Don’t" - Ed Sheeran debuts at #59 on Country Airplay


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Taylor Swift at the 2014 MTV VMAs

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